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Pollitt Construction & Dirtwork wants to be your partner in the care and maintenance of your property.

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is more than just a company you call when you need a specific type of work done.  Taking care of the land is important to us, so we’ll take great care to protect surrounding wildlife and natural features such as ponds and streams. We want to be your construction and dirt work company for a long time, so we do everything in our power to preserve the native beauty of your property!


Dirt Work and Excavation Services

Whether it’s new construction or some much-needed maintenance, Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work can handle the job.

  • Site Work

  • Building Pads

  • Drainage Systems

  • Culvert Installation

Pond Construction

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work offers pond and water feature maintenance and services for rural properties in Chariton, Iowa and the greater Lucas County area.

  • Pond Construction

  • Pond Repair

  • Pond Cleanout

Farm Pond Construction Services
Pond Construction Lucas County Iowa

Rural Building Demolition

We can help you determine the best course of action for your rural home or barn and provide cost-effective options for its removal.

  • Barn Demolition

  • Rural Vacant Home Demolition

  • Old Shed Demolition

Pasture Clearing

Clearing land for pastures and CRP tree clearing is one more or the services offered by Pollitt Construction and Dirt Works.

  • Pasture Clearing

  • CRP Tree Removal

  • Fence Row Clearing

Field and CRP Tree Clearing

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Pollitt Construction & Dirt Work

Pollitt Construction & Dirt Work provides pond construction services, skidloader dirt work, crp field clearing, culver installation, pad grading, farm building demolition, and more in Lucas County Iowa and surrounding areas.

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