Pond Construction

Pond Construction & Cleanout in Chariton IA and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to pond building and maintenance in Lucas County, call Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work!

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work offers pond and water feature maintenance and services for commercial and residential properties in Chariton, Iowa and the greater Lucas County area.

A pond is an interesting detail for any property, but it must be maintained in order to keep it a healthy environment for all living things. We are experienced in pond cleanout and pond construction, so you can trust Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work for any job related to your pond!

Pond Cleanout

Every once in a while, your pond will need a thorough cleaning. We recommend twice a year, but that’s ultimately your decision. Our staff can provide you with spring and fall cleaning so that your pond looks its best during these beautiful seasons. If your pond needs more attentive services, we can also provide year-round maintenance and care, including regular pond cleanout services as needed.

Don’t worry about your aquatic life in your pond when Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is on the job! We will temporarily house the fish from your pond and replace them safely when the cleaning is finished. We ensure that the pond is balanced and safe for the fish before releasing them back into your newly cleaned pond.

Pond Construction

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work can also design and construct a brand-new pond for you! We build ponds that are low maintenance and ecologically friendly. Each one is custom-designed for the property it will reside on, so you can be sure that drainage and other problems won’t be a concern for you when we complete your pond construction project.

We can build a pond that is strictly for looks, or we can design one that will accommodate aquatic and plant life. These are decisions that need to be made early on so that we can add in the correct features along the way. Sitting down with one of our specialists before your pond construction begins is the best way to determine what features you’d like to have in your pond. This can include underwater lighting and landscaping elements.

Ponds add diversity to any landscape. Building one is a lot more complicated that just digging a big hole in the ground. You will need an experienced company to build a pond that won’t give you problems in the future. The end result will be a beautiful pond that can be used for a variety of purposes. Our experts will work with you to design the perfect pond, even taking into consideration where the pond will be located and the view you will have of the pond from your home or business.

If you already have a pond on your property, you can trust Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work to professionally clean it. Whether you have a functional pond where you boat, swim, or fish, or if you pond is accessible for your livestock or wildlife, we can restore it to healthy, natural conditions for everyone and everything that uses the pond.

Only trust an expert team like ours for pond cleanout and pond construction in Lucas County and beyond!

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