Land Clearing

Clearing Pasture and CRP Tree Removal in Lucas County IA and Surrounding Areas

Clearing land for pastures is one more professional service offered by Pollitt Construction and Dirt Works.

When you’re going to be running cattle, horses, sheep or goats on pasture, you need it to be a safe place with maximum grass production. We’re one of the only companies in Chariton and the greater Lucas County area that can guarantee these results for your pasture!

Pasture Clearing

Pasture clearing involves several separate procedures, so we make sure that our team is skilled in each one. First, we remove trees on the property. This can involve using both heavy machinery and possibly hand-held equipment to remove trees safely, depending on the particular situation. We typically knock large trees over with a bulldozer or trackhoe. Wood can be moved and left laying if you would like to cut up for firewood or we can dig a hole and the pile can be burned.  Finally, we’ll use excavators and other machinery to smooth out any holes or uneven spots so that your pasture will be as flat and level as possible.

CRP Tree Clearing

We are one of the only CRP pasture clearing companies in the area. When clearing small tree growth from CRP we recommend pulling the trees with a skidloader and special a attachment. We can handle the entire job from start to finish! Just call and let us know what services you’ll be needing, and our teams will get back to you to evaluate your property and give you an estimate cost and time frame.

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work can accommodate most of our clients’ requests when it comes to pasture clearing. Sometimes, a property owner may ask that we preserve certain trees in their new pasture for shade or for aesthetic purposes. This is especially true with large, old-growth trees. It takes a little more time to work around certain trees while clearing others, but we don’t mind as long as our clients are 100% satisfied when the job is complete.

Fence Row Clearing

Many times when building new fence or replacing a fence there are trees grown up in the fence line. It's so much easier to give Pollitt Construction a call to clear that fence line before building fence. We'll come out and discuss where you want the fence to run and determine what equipment will be needed to move the trees and other foilage that's in the way. You'll end up with a nice clean area to build or replace fence.

Our pasture clearing teams are highly trained in all safety measures required for these jobs. It may seem like working in a wide-open area would be completely safe, but there are many risks involved, and the work can be very dangerous for untrained contractors. Any time you’re working with the type of equipment we use, there’s a certain amount of danger involved. Our thorough training and consistent focus can minimize these risks as much as possible.

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is more than just a company you call when you need a specific type of work done. We want to be your partner in the care and maintenance of your property. Taking care of the land is important to us, so we’ll take great care to protect surrounding wildlife and natural features such as ponds and streams. We want to be your construction and dirt work company for a long time, so we do everything in our power to preserve the native beauty of your property!

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