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  • How much does dirt work cost ?

    That really depends on the size of the job. If it's a big job then we'll come out and take a look, let you explain what it is you're wanting, then we'll give you a bid. In some cases, if you're looking for an operator to run equipment that you own or have rented we can do the job for an hourly rate. 

  • Do you work with the ASC office ?

    Yes, we do work with you and the ASC office if you're building a pond or some other job that is being partially government funded.

  • How long does it take to get started ?

    Many times we do have a waitlist, however, the biggest determining factor is the weather. If it's too wet, then we'll need to wait until it's dry enough to do your job. If we're in the middle of a severe drought like the summer of 2018, then sometimes it's necessary to wait until there's a bit of moisture in the ground.

    While it's not required, priority is given to people that have put down a deposit on the work they want done. 


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Pollitt Construction & Dirt Work provides pond construction services, skidloader dirt work, crp field clearing, culver installation, pad grading, farm building demolition, and more in Lucas County Iowa and surrounding areas.

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