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Dirt Work in Chariton IA and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to dirt work in Lucas County, you can’t beat Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work!

Quality dirt work is done by experienced, highly trained individuals, so that’s the only type of operators we hire. You’ll see the difference we can make at any job site we’re working on. Whether it’s a new construction or some much-needed maintenance, Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is the only company you’ll need.

When you need dirt moved or added for any project, we can handle it. Below you’ll see a list of the dirt work services we can provide for your home or business.

Site Work

We can do any type of general land clearing and site work that you need. Getting land to a point where it’s usable for our customers is one of our most common requests. We can fill in holes, create or remove elevation changes, and dig holes for future use on any piece of property.

Building Pads

Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is excellent at creating fl

at, packed building pads for commercial and residential properties. It’s important to hire an experienced team like ours to construct your building pad since everything else will depend on its stability.

Septic Systems

Dirt moving companies have to be licensed by the state in order to dig septic systems. You can’t trust just anyone to prepare the area for your septic system. Not only is it against the law to have someone uncertified do the job, but it’s also a job that you want done right the first time in order to avoid major problems down the road.

Stock Tanks

Stock tanks ensure that ponds and lakes don’t leak water into the ground around them. A well-designed pond or lake may be lined with a special material or with an actual liner. Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work is familiar with both strategies and can help you make the best choice for your property.

Drainage Systems

A high-functioning drainage system will prevent water from washing out your grass and landscaping. We can create a drainage system solution for you that will get rid of standing water and save you money that excess water would end up costing you in repairs.

Driveways and Roads

No matter what size road or drive you have on your property, Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work can keep it smooth and grass free. We have the right equipment for any job, so you won’t have to deal with an eroding drive or mud holes in the middle of your personal roadway.

Parking Lots

Commercial properties have specific needs. A clean, well-maintained parking lot will invite guests in, while an unkempt one could drive them away. Let Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work do regular care on your parking lot to keep those customers coming!


If you are having any type of underground pipes installed, Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work can dig all the lines for them while causing minimal disturbance to the rest of your property. We dig trenches for underground utilities, sprinkler systems, and much more!

Let Pollitt Construction and Dirt Work handle all your earth-moving needs!

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Pollitt Construction & Dirt Work provides pond construction services, skidloader dirt work, crp field clearing, culver installation, pad grading, farm building demolition, and more in Lucas County Iowa and surrounding areas.

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